Haurricane Polimar arriva sul grande schermo in carne ed ossa

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Haurricane Polimar arriva sul grande schermo in carne ed ossa

La Tatsunoko ha deciso di fare un film “live action” su uno dei suoi più importanti personaggi. Hurricane Polimar.


A dare la notizia è stata data dal magazine www.crunchyroll.com.

It is officially confirmed today that a live-action film adaptation of Tatsunoko Production’s classic sci-fi action hero TV anime series Hurricane Polimar is set for a release in Japan in May 2017. It will be produced as one of the production’s 55th anniversary titles. The anniversary project also includes the ongoing TV anime Time Bokan 24 and the upcoming full 3DCG series Infini-T Force. Hurricane Polimar is expected to be featured in the latter, alongside Gatchaman, Casshan, and Tekkaman.


The original TV anime series featuring criminal investigator Takeshi Yoroi who can transform himself into Hurricane Polimar was aired for 26 episodes in Japan from October 1974 to March 1975, and it was later remade as a four-episode OVA series in 1996 and 1997.


The live-action film adaptation is directed by 46-year-old Koichi Sakamoto, who is well known for his contribution to the Power Rangers series as an action director. In Japan, he recently served as an

episode director for Ultraman X and Kamen Rider Ghost, and is currently working on Kamen Rider

EX-Aid. 58-year-old Shinsuke Onishi, who was attached with the first four Heisei Ultraman series (Tiga,

DynaGaia, Cosmos), provides a screenplay.


27-year-old Junpei Mizobata is cast as the protagonist Takeshi Yoroi. He won the Grand Prix in the 19th

Junon Super Boy Contest in 2006, and has been working as a professional model and actor, including

Shinichi Kudo in the Detective Conan live-action TV drama specials in 2011 and 2012. Hurricane Polimar

is his first action-featured film. The cast also includes Yuuki Yamada as Tokyo Metropolitan Police

Department detective Jyouichi Kuruma, Yurina Yanagi as Takeshi’s assistant Teru Nanba, and Mikie Hara

as mysterious woman Rei Hieda.


The film will be distributed by Kadokawa.